Interest in Planet Youth expanding

As the word spreads regarding the success of the Planet Youth community approach to reducing drug and substance use among youth, more communities and stakeholders are expressing an interest is seeing how this might work in their own jurisdiction.

In April of this year, Planet Youth Lanark County’s steering committee chair, David Somppi made a major presentation at Infonex’s second annual Municipal Issues on the Legalization of Cannabis conference held in Toronto.  This event, which draws attendance from municipal government leadership, staff, and related organizations features experts on a wide array of local issues and as of late, drug and substance abuse prevention has been a high priority and popular topic.

Somppi also made a presentation on Planet Youth Lanark County’s progress to the April meeting of the Eastern Ontario Police Service Boards.  This group is seeking ways to improve public safety as it’s related to substance and drug abuse and was eager to learn about the innovative approach that Planet Youth brings to these problems.

To date, Planet Youth Lanark County has been contacted by officials from Public Health Canada and communities across the country, all looking to stem the tide of health risks and fatalities.  These groups expressed positive outlooks on the Planet Youth approach as it’s crafted from each community developing their own unique solutions based on current and relative data achieved through comprehensive questionnaires and expert and timely analysis of the responses.

Stay tuned for more news and updates as they become available.



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