‘Let’s Talk, but how? Expert advice for talking to youth about their mental health’, February 6

Let’s Talk, but how is a free online event presented by The Royal and DIFD that will inform, empower, and most importantly, leave you feeling hopeful – and confident – about talking to teens and young adults about mental health.

Mental health is a key component of well-being and happiness and it affects every aspect of life, from learning and relationships to physical health and self-esteem. While good mental health is important for everyone, young people face unique challenges and stressors. Peers, family, and social media, coupled with worries about big life decisions, academic pressure, climate change, the economy, and social justice issues can weigh heavily on youth. This distress, along with other factors, can lead to poor mental health including things like problematic substance use or self-harm. The teens and early twenties are also a time when mood and anxiety disorders can emerge.

Whether you are a parent, caregiver, teacher, or counsellor who wants to support the young adults they know, or simply a curious and compassionate member of the community, you will benefit from the insights, advice, and resources presented in this timely and critical discussion about youth mental health.

Hosted by journalist Ian Mendes, this jam-packed, 90-minute event promises to be informative, inspiring, and accessible to a wide audience.


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